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Our company policy is to operate on a 100% No Upfront Fee Basis. Empowering our clients to make sensible, risk-free decisions and giving them complete peace of mind that they are in safe hands. No matter what type of Timeshare ownership you have, Deeded weeks, Points memberships, Floating weeks, or Fractional memberships, we can help. Our experience and knowledge of Timeshare law and consumer rights are second to none.

Our team is unrelenting in its passion for results and has been successfully cancelling timeshare contracts and winning compensation for years.

2022 has been our best year to date for winning timeshare compensation claims. Years of persistence have resulted in enormous payouts for hundreds of our clients.

Our passion for preventing scams hasn't ever been more prevalent than over the last three years. Considerable increases in Timeshare Exit and Timeshare Claims fraud have led us to open a Timeshare Scam Hotline.

The Hotline is a free service where Timeshare consumers can get free, independent advice on companies they have been approached by or done business with. It has been a resounding success, preventing hundreds of timeshare owners from being scammed and many more getting their money refunded.

If you need help or advice, contact our friendly team today.

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