CLC World Liquidation Claims

If you purchased a Club La Costa membership and are unhappy with how you were treated, you may qualify to exit your contract and claim back your money. The liquidation of Club La Costa didn't come as a surprise. Years of propaganda by third-party protagonists and their own 'trojan horse' enabled them to continue inflicting an extended amount of financial and emotional trauma on thousands of members across the UK. This in no small way, has been one of the largest timeshare cover-ups in history.

There has been a great deal of publicity regarding Club La Costa going into Administration, most of the hype generated by ex-timeshare salesmen and criminals now posing as claims companies, cold calling past and present members of Club La Costa.

As always with cold callers, they base their information on half-truths and lies to encourage consumers to part with significant upfront fees to pursue claims in Spain against Club La Costa.

It has been apparent for some time that whilst judgments were being obtained against Club La Costa through the Courts in Spain as a result of breaches of The Timeshare Regulations, there were difficulties in enforcing those judgments, mainly because claims had to be brought against Club La Costa sales companies which had little by way of assets, domiciled within the jurisdiction of the Spanish Courts.

CLC World Liquidation Claims

Whilst there has been a great deal of publicity on the internet about judgments, there needs to be more 'genuine' publicity about claimants getting real money sent to their bank accounts!

If you have engaged the services of an unregulated claims company, this will be familiar to you! Your claims, if pursued at all, will have been met with delay, various appeals, a frustrating inability to enforce any judgment obtained, and consequentially any money.

If you have paid upfront fees to claim compensation against Club La Costa in Spain, you will be disappointed. 90% of all 'Spanish timeshare claims' are run by scammers with no intention of filing your claim anywhere near a Spanish court!

CLC World Liquidation Claims

The best and only way to make a successful Club La Costa timeshare claim is through the finance company that lent you the money. Whether you have paid off the finance or not, the only way to recover what you have paid and get the remaining finance written off is to make a mis-selling claim under the 1974 consumer credit act.

If you want to successfully exit your Club La Costa contract, claim your money back or cancel your outstanding finance, get in touch. Our expert team can guide you through the simple and risk-free process. If you have already made a 'claim', it's probably not genuine, and you'll need to resubmit it correctly. Contact us today for more information.

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