Who Are Timeshare Claim Experts UK?

We are experts in relinquishing unwanted Timeshare contracts and claiming compensation for mis-sold Timeshare contracts.

Our continuous objective is ' To provide a safe and secure way for customers to Exit their Timeshare contracts safely and claim back what is rightfully theirs, without paying a single penny in upfront fees.'

We have terminated thousands of Timeshare contracts, recovered millions in compensation for our clients and our fraud prevention team is protecting timeshare consumers from scams on a daily basis.

Our devoted team have been working together for ten years. During that time, we have become fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to carry out Claims Management Activities on behalf of our clients.

We also work alongside dedicated SRA-regulated solicitors and Barristers that assist with some of the more complex claims cases.

We provide free, professional advice and guidance to any timeshare owner wishing to bring an end to their Timeshare contract or make a compensation claim.

If you feel that we are the company you are looking for, give one of our friendly team a call today.

Who Are We?