Common Timeshare Problems & Solutions

Even though the timeshare industry was a direct sale business that sold millions of pounds of finance to British consumers every year, it remained unregulated. The most successful timeshare resorts operated outside of the UK and conveniently outside the jurisdiction of UK authorities. That said, for many UK authorities, 'out of sight out of mind' was at the top of their agenda.

Many timeshare owners enjoyed years of pleasant holidays in lovely timeshare resorts. Unfortunately for most, the whole experience was nothing short of a nightmare. The vast majority of timeshare owners were illegally sold their timeshares as investments and promised they could resell their timeshares to make huge profits. None of which came to fruition.

Fortunately, many timeshare owners that took out finance to pay for their timeshares have been able to claim back what is rightfully theirs and cancel outstanding finance agreements. This is because UK finance agreements are covered under the consumer credit act 1974, enabling people to claim.

Timeshare was originally sold as an exclusive product, with the accommodation only available to members. However, this system of exclusivity didn't last long, with most timeshare resorts opting to rent out empty apartments to the general public. Thus doubling the resort's income by taking maintenance fees from owners and rental payments from non-members.

Common Timeshare Problems

This method of operation by timeshare resorts led to a prioritization of non-members, consequently leaving members with a lack of availability and limited choice. The overwhelming industry response to this was to convince owners to pay yet more money to upgrade to timeshare products that would offer more availability and choice!

Timeshare maintenance fees were initially implemented and sold as a benefit to owners, with the money used to improve resorts and facilities. As most owners will testify, the money was not used to improve standards but to provide an extra income for the owner of the resort. If, like many others, you have become disillusioned with your timeshare ownership and would you exit your contract or make a claim, get in touch.

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