Silverpoint Claims

If you signed a timeshare finance agreement with Clydesdale Financial Services or Barclays Partner Finance to purchase a timeshare or club membership with Resort Properties, Silverpoint or Club Paradiso, we could get your money back. If you have claimed through the Spanish courts, it's essential that you get out of that agreement as soon as possible. The quickest and easiest way to get your money back is through Clydesdale or Barclays.

Silverpoint were responsible for the sale of Club Paradiso, Hollywood Mirage, Beverly Hills Club, Beverly Hills Heights and Palm Beach Club in Tenerife. Most of their timeshare products were sold illegally as an investment and covered by finance agreements with Barclays Partner Finance, Honeycomb Finance, or a finance facility arranged by HMC Funding.

Despite years of complaints from its members, self-regulation meant that the company were never held to account by an independent third party. Instead, companies such as silverpoint lived by their own rules, which, unfortunately for British consumers, was to sell at any cost.

Silverpoint Claims

If you financed a timeshare from Resort Properties, Silverpoint or Club Paradiso and would like to exit your contract or claim back your money, get in touch. Our claim experts are here to answer any questions and ensure you can reclaim what is rightfully yours.

The normal six-year time limits may not apply when claiming against Barclays Partner Finance. You still qualify to claim even if you have paid off your loan. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to discuss your claim.

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