Club Paradiso Claims

If you took a loan with Barclays Partner Finance to purchase a membership with Club Paradiso, we could get your money back. We do not charge any upfront fees; you only pay us once your winnings are in your bank account. The Paramount in Tenerife was the flagship resort of the Club Paradiso holiday membership system. The resort was initially sold off-plan to timeshare owners convinced to buy it as an investment. With most owners being given no choice after their multiple timeshare weeks 'investments' failed.

Club Paradiso members were continuously convinced to upgrade through the different membership levels. Each time, having the purchase funded by Barclays Partner Finance or HMC Funding. These deals often came with an inbuilt rental return, sold as a sweetener to cover some of Barclay's finance payments. This sales pitch led people to believe that they would never have to pay any finance as the rental would cover enough payments until the membership could be resold—precisely the same tactic used by Azure resorts in Malta.

These 'self-financing' deals left Club Paradiso members with huge Barclays Partner loans and absolutely no membership to use after the closure of the resort in 2019. The closure of the Club Paradiso membership left many thousands of members not knowing where to turn. As such, they became prey to fake claim companies that took advantage of the situation and conned them out of even more money. Negligence within the timeshare Industry has become the 'norm', and it is only due to companies like ours that consumers can recover their money.

Club Paradiso Claims

Our expertise in consumer claims has led to Club Paradiso members getting their money back from Barclays Partner Finance. We can help you recover your money from Barclays Partner finance, even if you have paid off your loan. All of this can be done for you without the payment of any upfront fees.

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