MGM Claims

MGM Muthu Hotels and Resorts took over the Petchy Group in 2012. Many thousands of members were convinced to upgrade their membership to shorten the length of their timeshare contracts. Club Infiniti members were inflicted with huge and heavily increasing yearly maintenance fees that persuaded many members to take this option.

As with most Timeshare resorts, exclusivity is a thing of the past. A quick look at the MGM website will show you that staying in an MGM Timeshare apartment is open to everyone. With many private bookings through their website costing less than owner maintenance fees.

Complaints about MGM Resorts in Portugal proliferate the internet.

"This resort is timeshare, we've been members for 20 years and have always enjoyed our stays - not anymore. We are now treated as second class to the people who travel cheaply to this resort. I requested a high floor and got a trashed room on 5th floor - no telephone, WiFi etc and then offered 3rd floor overlooking car park and builders rubbish. Eventually went to a lower floor refurb room. Pool area grubby, no security, groups of men and women, shouting, taking over pool, drinking and fighting amongst themselves. Men using ladies toilets. Some reception staff helpful, most don't care who you are or where you stay. Even given out an incorrect invitation to an owners reception. Did not find or hear from a manager in 8 days. We were promised that no groups will be allowed into this resort. Check in time is 5pm and yet on 8th June at 10am - reception staff were checking in tour operator guests. If Grand Muthu don't want Infiniti members then I suggest that you pay us out and then you can do whatever you want with this once amazing resort. We are very upset and disappointed especially as this time we came to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. Where is our annual maintenance bring spent? I will be writing to senior management this week and if necessary the newspapers - MGM cannot continue to treat members like this. This is a family resort, I'm just glad that we didn't have grandchildren with us being subjected to the language etc, please get it sorted."

MGM Claims

If you are stuck in your Timeshare and would like to stop paying your maintenance fees, give us a call. Our No Upfront Fee Timeshare Termination process will enable to legally Exit your Timeshare contract. You may also qualify for a No Upfront Fee Claim.

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