Legally Exit Your Timeshare Contract Without Risk

Most of our clients want to exit their timeshare contract due to the worry of maintenance fees, family inheriting the Timeshare, the decline in accommodation standards or the inability to get the holidays they request. Despite the many horror stories we hear daily, terminating your timeshare contract is often more straightforward than you think. There is absolutely no reason why you should be paying upfront fees to exit your timeshare contract.

Getting your affairs in order before your death is always advisable. The potential risk of leaving your family with a Timeshare and its associated debts could be easily avoided. Using our services, you and your family could be Timeshare free within a few short weeks.

The vast majority of Timeshare contracts are perpetuating, meaning that the contract you signed lasts forever. In-perpetuity timeshare contracts do not necessarily finish when you die. They may form part of your estate and pass to your next of kin.

In 2009 the European Parliament updated their directive to protect Timeshare consumers from being sold perpetual contracts. But, unsurprisingly, most timeshare resorts didn't comply. Subsequently, timeshare companies such as Anfi Beach Club in Gran Canaria and Silverpoint (Resort Properties) in Tenerife have lost court cases, and Timeshare owners have been awarded compensation.

Legally Exit Your Timeshare Contract

Our experienced team are experts in Timeshare Law. After ten years of dealing with thousands of timeshare exits, there isn't a Timeshare that we haven't dealt with! Some Timeshare relinquishments are more straightforward than others, so each claim is taken on a case-by-case basis.

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