Timeshare Mis-selling Tactics

If you have ever attended a timeshare sales presentation, and if you are reading this, the likely hood is that you have, you will know all about timeshare mis-selling tactics! And for many British victims, it has been no laughing matter. Personal testimony from many of our claimants has cited; Break up of Relationships; Bankruptcy; Adverse Credit Ratings; Property Resposesions; and Mental Health Conditions.

Unfortunately, due to UK authorities turning a blind eye to what was happening to their citizens when they travelled abroad, these mis-selling tactics continued, unchecked, for over thirty years.

Here are a few of the many mis-selling tactics you may of experienced.

  • Cold call offering a free holiday
  • Sales presentations that lasted for hours
  • Forced to make an on-the-day decision
  • The price was constantly reduced when you said no
  • Told that you couldn't cancel
  • Told that you could resell your Timeshare
  • Sold your Timeshare as an investment
  • Told that you had to spend more money to correct problems

Unfortunately, the list goes on!

Timeshare Mis-selling Tactics

If you believe you were mis-sold, you probably were. Due to the lack of intervention over the last thirty years from UK authorities, it has been left down to companies like ours to fight the corner of British Timeshare consumers. If you took out a loan to fund your Timeshare purchase, you might qualify for a claim. Get in touch to tell us about your experience.

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