Azure Resorts Claims

Azure Resorts in Malta made the headlines on several occasions over the past 15 years. But, unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons! Over £200 million in loans were provided by Clydesdale Financial Services (trading as Barclays Partner Finance) to purchase timeshares between 2006-2018.

Despite it being illegal to sell timeshare as an investment, this method of selling was predominant throughout the many years that azure resorts remained in business. As a result, it wasn't uncommon that many victims had signed up for over £200,000 in unsecured loans, all of which were taken out based on the understanding that they would have their timeshares resold to make a profit.

Despite blatant breaches of consumer laws, azure resorts managed to evade and deceive the authorities for far too long. As a result, thousands of British consumers lost their life savings and suffered years of misery.

Why was this allowed to carry on for so long?
This was all made possible due to the timeshare industry not being regulated by an independent third party. Instead, they used third-party propaganda companies to sell an alternative narrative. If it weren't for these companies pulling the wool over people's eyes, hundreds of victims would have been saved from unnecessary financial and emotional trauma.

Azure Resorts Claims

Due to the valiant effort of our team over the past eight years, our Azure claims clients are now being refunded what is rightfully theirs. So if you took out a loan with Barclays Partner Finance or Honeycomb Finance between 2006-2018, we could claim on your behalf.

What will I get from a winning claim?

1. Your Loan amount refunded.
2. 8% interest on the total capital per year from the point of sale
3. Maintenance Fees
4. Outstanding loans are written off
5. Adverse credit reports amended.

Our 100% risk-free service means we do not charge upfront fees if you wish to make a timeshare claim.

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