Timeshare Inheritance & Estate Planning

In many cases, the Timeshare will form part of the estate, and the other assets will not be able to be divided until the debt has been paid off. In previous cases, the timeshare company listed a charge on the debtor's property/estate to claim back outstanding maintenance and finance debts. Very few Timeshare resorts are still prepared to go to court to enforce long-term contracts. The only ones we have firsthand knowledge of are based in the UK.

You can't leave your Timeshare to just anyone. Gifting it to the resort will not work either. If your Timeshare company does not approve the transfer, it will still be legally yours.

Some Timeshare contracts will die with you without any comeback for your family. It is a very grey area and not one to take likely. However, the uncertainty of leaving a mess for the family to sort out should be enough to ensure that you take appropriate action.

We are often contacted by third-party solicitors dealing with the division of estates. Timeshare Law is very specific, and many high street solicitors do not have the knowledge or experience to fulfil the obligations of the timeshare exit. This limited knowledge often results in the deceased's family being charged for extra work hours whilst their solicitor tries to get to the bottom of quite complex laws.

Timeshare Inheritance

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