Timeshare Accommodation Availability

Until our clients got in touch with us, they had often made the best of a bad situation. Resigned to the fact that they were stuck in their timeshare contract and had to pay finance and maintenance fees, they tried to use what they had purchased in the best way possible. Unbeknownst to them, booking a holiday was much more complicated than they had been led to believe. The lack of availability and choice led to them accepting a destination or time that wasn't what they would have hoped would have been available.

Why is there a lack of availability with so many resorts and apartments?

Once Timeshare resorts such as Club La Costa had sold out the majority of their prime weeks and apartments, they had to find a way to carry on making money. Unfortunately, the pound note printing machine had come to a halt and required oiling! By creating and selling their points products to their fixed week owners, they were able to take back their owner's weeks and sell the points system without the guarantee of providing a set week of accommodation. So even though thousands of owners paid thousands of pounds for thousands of points, they were no better off. The only people to win from this transaction were Club La Costa. They could take back control of the ownership of the apartments whilst retaining an ever-increasing maintenance fee.

So, when timeshare owners tried to book accommodation at the resort, they were told there was no availability. What this really meant was; there is availability, just not for you! As were using it for our own purposes!

Timeshare Accommodation Availability

The best example of this is when one of our clients called Club La Costa to make a booking. He was told that there wasn't any availability. However, ten minutes later he got a call from the Club La Costa marketing department, asking him if he would like to attend a promotional holiday at the same resort, on the exact dates! Evidence shows us that the main priority of timeshare resorts is to sell. To do this, they need to use their accommodation for the people attending presentations at their resorts. For those of you reading this, you will be all too familiar with the constant attempts to try and get you to upgrade to a better product with more benefits!

Timeshare resorts are also readily available to non-owners. Timeshare accommodation can be easily booked through popular internet sites, often for less than the owners pay in maintenance fees! Gone are the days when buying and owning a timeshare makes sense.

Booking excellent standards of accommodation around the world at reasonable prices are available to anyone. And if you really want to stay in a Timeshare resort without being a member, you can! If you would like to exit your Timeshare safely, get in touch. You may also qualify for a claim.

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