Resort Properties Claims

Resort properties, otherwise known as Silverpoint in Tenerife, were responsible for one of Europe's first and largest timeshare resale frauds. Thousands of British Timeshare owners were swindled out of millions of pounds by the company responsible for selling timeshares at Palm Beach Club, Beverly Hills Club, Beverly Hills Heights, the Hollywood Mirage and Club Paradiso in Tenerife. Many of the thousands of Timeshare owners who purchased with Resort Properties and Silverpoint have already got their money back, plus compensation. If you haven't, get in touch, we can help.

As with all timeshare scams, the quality of accommodation provided was a much higher standard than hotels in Tenerife at the time. Large, roomy, self-contained apartments with beautiful views and tasteful gardens all added to the believability of their scam.

Resort Properties sales reps would convince victims to buy multiple weeks of timeshare apartments, which Resort Properties would resell within 12 months for a minimum 15% return on investment.

Resort Properties never sold the Timeshare apartments, then convinced victims to upgrade to more 'sellable' units to avoid huge maintenance fees on unsold properties. One of the most common upgrades was into Club Paradiso. Barclays Partner Finance financed these illegal Timeshare investments, leaving thousands of British Timeshare owners with huge debts and worthless investments.

Resort Properties Claims

After years of fighting off propaganda from pseudo-regulatory bodies paid by the timeshare industry, our Resort Properties clients are getting back what they rightfully deserve.

If you took out a finance agreement with Barclays Partner Finance to purchase with Resort Properties, we could get your money back. Our No Upfront Fee service means that you don't pay us a penny until your money is in your bank account.

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