Section 75 Timeshare Claims

The protection provided by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act has allowed us to reclaim hundreds of thousands of pounds back for our clients. Most of these clients were scammed by fake timeshare exit and claims companies that had taken upfront fees and either not provided the service or gone out of business.

What are the Section 75 rules for claiming?

1. Minimum limit of £100 - Maximum limit of £30,000.
2. Part or full payment on credit card
3. Six-year time limit

A common misunderstanding:

Example: Is that if you paid a deposit of £1000 on a credit card and £9000 by bank transfer, you wouldn't get back the £9000. This is not the case. Paying by credit card protects the whole amount.

Be advised that it isn't the bank's job to teach and guide you on how to submit a Section 75 claim. Neither is it their job to correct you if you haven't claimed what you are entitled to. As such, many people walk away with a fraction of what they could have gotten back if they had submitted the claim correctly.

Section 75 Timeshare Claims

Some banks are consumer friendly and will do all they can to help, whilst others will do all they can to push back. Making a Section 75 Claim is easy. But winning it is often a different story.

The most common rejection our clients receive from the bank before coming to us is that the creditor-debtor-supplier link has been broken and not proved. Unfortunately, this is very common within the Timeshare world. It simply means that the payment you made on your credit card was paid to someone other than the people you signed up to provide the service. This is also why many do not receive the balance payment paid by bank transfer.

Timeshare criminals go to great lengths to protect the payment facility they use to take payments, as many banks refuse to authorise bank transfer payments due to it being flagged up as a possible scam.

In some circumstances, it may now be possible to recover your money if you haven't paid by credit card. If you did pay by Bank transfer, we could make a claim for you under the Contingency Reimbursement Model rules, which began in May 2019.

These types of claims are classed as APP Fraud. If you would like to make a Section 75 claim yourself, you can do. If you feel you would have a better chance of success with us, get in touch. No Upfront Fees.

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