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Timeshare Solicitors are few and far between due to the subject of Timeshare Law not being part of any curriculums! Timeshare Law is a niche subject which relies on knowledge gained from experience. Our experience is second to none. It is this confidence that gives us the ability only to charge our clients once we have completed a successful termination. Due to sweeping discontent, and an ageing owner base, the number of Timeshare owners across the UK is decreasing. Companies such as ours are helping timeshare owners release themselves from their contracts and make successful claims.

Our knowledge of Timeshare Law has been developed over many years, challenging the timeshare industry and its selling practices with fantastic results. Solicitors, highly paid by the Timeshare industry, have tried to defend the indefensible for many years. Due to the relentless work of companies such as ours, mis-sold timeshare owners are legally exiting their timeshare contracts and receiving compensation for mis-sold timeshares.

Legally enforcing a timeshare contract in court is a difficult task that most timeshare solicitors and resorts have steered clear from. Implementing an agreement that has already been mis-sold is an impossible task. Over the last twenty years, the timeshare industry has been worried about setting a precedent that could have risked destroying their income.

Failed attempts by the Timeshare industry to enforce timeshare contracts have in no small way helped create sustainable solutions for companies such as ours to provide a safe and secure way for timeshare owners to exit their contracts and make a claim.

Timeshare Solicitors

If you are searching for a 'timeshare solicitor near me ' on the internet, the amount of No Upfront Fee, or Regulated Companies, you find will be few and far between. This is because our company and services are unique in the Timeshare industry. Most timeshare exit companies on the internet are unregulated marketing companies that take upfront fees and pass on the work to someone else!

Our services cover the whole of the UK. There are NO sales presentations or lengthy Zoom calls. Our team are available to talk six days a week, and all our services are completed by phone, email or post. Unburdening yourself from your timeshare could be a great way to relieve yourselves and your family from maintenance fees and inheritance. If you wish to legally exit your timeshare or make a claim, we can help. Our timeshare exit fees are low and only payable upon completion.

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